2021 Points Accumulation

The following points accumulation scale will be used to tally WSPA member points.

Points will be awarded for the exhibition in classes as follows:

  1.  1st  place: 20 Points
  2.  2nd place: 18 Points
  3.  3rd place: 16 Points
  4.  4th place: 14 Points
  5.  5th place: 12 Points
  6. 6th place & below: 10 Points

Breed Champion’s Points will be awarded as follows:

  1. Champion: 15 Points
  2. Reserve Champion: 10 Points

Overall Barrow & Gilt Champion’s Points will be awarded as follows:

  1. Grand Champion: 20 points
  2. Reserve Champion: 10 points
  3. 3rd Overall: 5 points
  4. 4th Overall: 3 points
  5. 5th Overall: 2 points

Showmanship points will be awarded for top place as follows:

  1. 1st  place: 20 Points
  2. 2nd place: 18 Points
  3. 3rd  place: 16 Points
  4. 4th place: 14 Points
  5. 5th place: 12 Points
  6. 6th place & below: 10 Points

2021 WSPA Sanctioned Show Rules

1. Sanctioned shows must submit a Show Agreement to the WSPA by February 1, 2021.

2. All shows will have 2 options for weighing barrows and crossbred gilts.

Option 1: The show coordinator will weigh pigs during the morning of the show. Hogs will not be allowed to weigh the night before. This does not require a weigh back of the top 2 placing pigs during exhibition.

Option 2: Exhibitors will declare the weight at which they would like to show their pig, and a mandatory weigh back of the first 2 placing pigs in class will be  enforced. The weigh back will be 10 pounds at all May and June shows.

3. Please read each sanctioned show’s rules carefully.

4. Full show results in an electronic version to be provided to a WSPA representative at the conclusion of the show. This can be done via email.

Full show results include: complete listing of class placings for every class, including ear notch identification; breed champions; overall top 5 champion gilts and barrows; placing for all individuals who participate in showmanship. (For example, if there are 10 youth in a showmanship class, then placings from 1 to 10 for that class need to be recorded and included in show results submission) Only grand and reserve breed champions (gilts and barrows) can be considered for the selection of overall top 5 gilt and barrow honors.

5. Youth must be a paid member of the WSPA prior to point accumulation towards the show circuit. Youth dues are $15 per individual. Wisconsin youth 21 years old and younger of Jan. 1, 2021 are eligible to become WSPA youth members. There is no minimum age limit however to collect points, the member must be able to exhibit their pig on their own without assistance from anyone. Special arrangements can be made beforehand for exhibitors that need special consideration.

6. Shows are open to any youth 21 years old and younger as of Jan. 1, 2021. Out of state youth are allowed to show, however, only youth members of the WSPA will be eligible to collect points.

7. Each exhibitor must present Certificate of Veterinary Inspection at each show.

8. Ear notches will be used for hog identification at each of the shows.

9. Each breed will have their own class regardless of entry numbers.

10. Barrows will be shown by breed and weight, but must be born after Nov. 1, 2020.

11. Gilts will be judged as breeding gilts. Purebred gilts will show by age. Crossbred gilts will be shown by weight. All gilts must be born after Nov. 1, 2020.

12. Barrows and crossbred gilts may be shown at any weight.

13. All purebreds must meet respective breed characteristics. Registration papers must be submitted before the final show. If not, the next animal in line will take Grand/Reserve honors.

14. Individual youth must be present to exhibit their own animal for their points to accumulate in the show circuit.

15. Once a pig is exhibited by a WSPA member and points are collected on that pig, no other WSPA member may collect points on that pig the rest of the show circuit including family members.

16. Tiebreakers will be broken by the person with the most wins. A hog must obtain points at a minimum of two shows to qualify for an end of season award.

17. Showmanship classes will be split into the following age divisions: Little Whips (4 and under); Novice (5-8); Junior (9-12); Intermediate (13-16); and Senior (17-21). Ages are as of Jan. 1, 2021. Little Whips showmanship will be for experience only. No placings will be given. Points will be awarded for participation.

18. If a show would like to host a doubleheader, they may do so. However, points will only be collected on one show (whichever show WSPA Youth Member accumulates more points).

19. WSPA members will be allowed to count top points from all 2020 show season. For 2020 if the season has more than 12 shows then we will drop 2 shows.  If there is 11 to 6 shows we will drop 1 show.  If there are less than 5 shows, then no drop shows. The shows with the lowest total point value will be dropped per the schedule above bases on the number of shows in the season. In the case of a double header, the highest point total will be counted toward the end of the season total. Dropping the lowest shows at a double header will not count towards dropping shows at the end of the season.

20. Any grievances must be presented in writing to a WSPA representative within 24 hours of the incident and accompanied by a $100 fee. Fee will be refunded if grievance upheld.

21. Each show must follow the WSPA Sanctioned Show Rules listed above. If rules are not followed by show managers, the show may be placed on a one year probation period and may not be allowed to host a WSPA Sanctioned Show during that probation period. Each year, the WSPA Executive Board of Directors reserves the right to deny any sanctioned show requests.

22. A WSPA representative will be present at each show.

 WSPA By-Laws

Mission Statement:
To foster and promote Wisconsin’s growing show pig industry by providing opportunities for youth to develop their knowledge, leadership, fellowship, life skills and respect for themselves, the swine industry, agriculture and its goals by working with swine producers, other showmen and allied industry professionals.

I) Organization

  • The name of this organization shall be the Wisconsin Show Pig Association.
  • The WSPA is a summer show pig circuit that consists of sanctioned shows and youth activities.
  • Promotes Wisconsin Show Pig Producers
  • Educational platform for youth and producers involved in the swine industry
  • The Executive Board of Directors will serve as the official record keepers.
  • The show season will take place, followed by an awards ceremony immediately after the junior swine showmanship at the Wisconsin State Fair.
  • is the official website of the WSPA.


II) Eligibility, Membership & Voting

a) Membership

i) Youth Membership: Open to any Wisconsin youth ages up to 21 years of age as of January 1 of the current year upon payment dues. Youth must be able to handle hog independently.
ii) Producer Membership: Open to any individual breeder, family, partnership or corporation actively engaged in the production of  show pigs and who reside within the state of Wisconsin, upon payment of their dues.
iii) General Membership: Open to anyone with interest, upon payment of dues.

b) Voting

i) Each Youth Member is allowed one (1) vote.
ii) Each Producer Member is allowed one (1) vote.
iii) Each General Member is allowed one (1) vote.

c) Termination of Membership
i) Any member, either youth or adult, who engages in fraudulent or unethical practices, who violates the bylaws or rules of this association or whose actions adversely affect the association may be terminated by a 2/3 vote of the board of directors.

III) Meetings

a) Meetings shall be conducted according to parliamentary procedure as set forth by the latest version of Roberts Rules of Order.  Meeting dates and locations will be determined by the board of directors and need
b) A quorum shall consist of 20 percent of the total number of members with voting privileges. A board of directors quorum shall  consist of 50 percent of the  total number of directors. The board of directors may appoint such other temporary or standing committees from membership as deemed appropriate.

IV) Board of Directors

a) WSPA Executive Board

i) The WSPA Executive Board of Directors shall manage the property and affairs of the association.
ii) The WSPA Executive Board of Directors shall consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, two Directors At-Large and two youth members.
iii) Directors shall be elected by ballot.
iv) Three-year term, end of third year may reapply
v) Two consecutive term limit
vi) Board members can be removed at any time due to failure to uphold duties of a WSPA Executive Board member.
vii) Duties of Executive Officers:
(a) President: The president shall preside at all meetings of the board of directors and with said board, have general supervision of the affairs of the association.
(b) Vice President: The vice president shall discharge the duties of the president in the event of absence or disability of the president.
(c) Secretary: The secretary shall keep a true and accurate record of the proceedings of all meetings and keep such books,  papers and documents pertaining to the organization as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.
(d) Treasurer: The treasurer shall have custody of the funds, and keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and disbursements; disburse the funds of the association as ordered by the board and keep record of all financial transactions of  the association.
(e) Directors At-Large: The two Directors At-Large are to sit on the board of directors to provide input, feedback, and  suggestions to changes or potential changes that will affect the WSPA.
(f) Youth Members: The two youth members are to sit on the board of directors to provide input, feedback, and suggestions to changes or potential changes that will affect the WSPA youth membership.

b) WSPA Junior Activities Board

i) The Junior Activities Board shall prepare, plan and execute youth educational activities of the WSPA with oversight from the Executive Board and other tasks    as directed by the Executive Board.
ii) The Junior Activities Board (JAB) shall consist of 6 youth members between the ages of 12-21 as of Jan. 1 of the election year.
iii) JAB members will be elected by a full membership ballot.
iv) JAB Board members will select a chairperson and secretary as representatives on the executive board. Chairperson and secretary will be elected from board members in their second year of their term.
v) Two-year term
vi) Terms cannot be consecutive
v) Two-year term
vii) One youth member per family is allowed to serve on the JAB. Replacements for individuals who reach adult member age in   their second year will be elected at the annual meeting.
viii) Board members can be removed at any time due to failure to uphold duties of a WSPA Executive Board member.

c) Vacancies: Shall be filled by a majority vote of the remaining directors at their next meeting.

V) Dissolution

a) In the event of dissolution of the WSPA, all remaining funds will be transferred to other youth livestock organizations.